China’s Uyghur (Xinjiang) Problem

China’s Uyghur (Xinjiang) Problem

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Washington, DC
5 June 2003

The Uighurs are the longest continually settled people in Central Asia. Archaeological and historical materials have proved that Uighurs lived in Eastern Turkistan since the beginningof time. In 1884, the Manchu Qing Dynasty conquered andformally annexed the territory of Eastern Turkistan and named it
“Xinjiang” meaning “New Dominion” or “New Frontier.” ….. TheChinese presence was essentially colonial in profile: Chinese troopsand Chinese administrators. Even as late as 1944 at the time of the
short-lived independent Eastern Turkistan Republic the Chineseconstituted a small fraction of the population.


China’s Xinjiang Problem ppt

China’s Uyghur (Xinjiang) Problem



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